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With partners such as We Travel you ca donate on line with major credict cards or debts cards click DONATE ! Our community needs your support!


With your donation we are saving lives. I D Foundation Costa Rica is supporting LGBTIQ+ homeless people by offering shelter, food and education permanently. In the next 3 months our goal is to raise $ 150,000 USD to buy supplies, equipment, food, materials to mantain the campus. Located in downtown San jose, it is a beautiful property full of green and full of hope to those who needs a place to leave, to stay and t study free of discrimination. DONATE NOW!


Click below and donate, thanks to We Travel we have a safe plathform to collect donations


With your help we will be able to provide free education to over age people with no hope and discriminated by family friends and the society.


At the Center

ID Foundation Campus will require a lot of hands to build, remodel, clean areas and painting walls and cellings, You can join the volunteering programs, ask us how you can help. We will start remodeling by november 2021.

Corporations and multinationals

If you belong to a corporation or work for a multinational, we need your help! please spread the word and help us to save lives!



There is many ways to help: We need you donation today! either if you are business owner or work for a corporation, maybe you are a small business owner or work for the  goverment, please contact us and help us to save lives!

Drop us an email at: contact@idfoundationcr.org, whatsapp: +506 8829-7237

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